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Tj's Teddies offers the most interactive activity you can experience in urban and natural surroundings. Find out how the Teddy comes alive when you are guided by the right person

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What makes design so alluring? We believes the answer is designers. That’s why we have made our entire focus on you – the designer. Your style, your ideas, your creativity. Go on – Try, share and design now!


Tj’s  Teddies  have a large selection of 8″, 10″ & 16″ teddies . Have your teddies looking  very cute with our range of accessories.

We are a No Sew company which  makes our teddies more special. No Sew toys are safe for all ages.

Kids entertainment, made simple.

Everyone can write, but not everyone is a writer. What makes the difference is the keen eye for detail and beauty.